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Racking - Boltless Shelving System

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SUPERVIC Boltless System


  • Consist of Uprights, Beams and Shelves
  • It is also used for hand-loaded application
  • Load capacity is 200kg / shelves
  • SUPER-VIC is an innovatory modular bolt-free system that guarantees easy and rapid assembly; hence it is most suitable solution for stowing light-and medium-duty loads.
  • SUPER VIC SHELVING FOR LIGHT LOADS. Uses the Shelving System for light loads, whose modular conception and innovative boltless joint designs ensure tremendous ease and speed of assembly. It is ideal for the WAREHOUSING OF LIGHT AND MEDIUM LOADS, its wide range of accessories permitting perfect classification in any sector of industrial or commercial activity. 
  • Length (mm): 900, 1200 & 1500 
  • Depth  (mm): 400, 500 & 600
  • Height (mm): 2000 & 2500
  • Colour : Galavanized