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Racking - Long-span Shelving System

Two / Three Tiers Shelving System Back

Two / Three Tiers Shelving System


  • Consist of Uprights, Beams and Shelves
  • It is also used for hand-loaded application
  • Load capacity is 400kg-500kg
  • It is use for awkward or bulky loads, ideal for order picking or bulk storage
  • Designed for 2-3tiers or high rise applications, depends on the celing height
  • Completed with walk aisle, handrailing with sliding or swing gate and stair case
  • A comprehensive range of frames and beams accommodates a wide range of loading requirements and is complimented by a choice of shelving materials such as metal panels which can be specified to meet specific needs
  • It provides the best preconditions, flexible i
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